History of Staying Abreast

Staying Abreast was first imagined in 2008. As one of the world’s foremost breast cancer radiologists, Dr. Rossmann felt that the internet offered a unique opportunity to expand access to medical care. Why should people be limited to local doctors, or be burdened by the expense of traveling long distances for quality care? When it comes to breast cancer, unbiased second opinions should be available to everyone who wants them.

In fact, the internet has made consideration of distance largely irrelevant. After all, radiological scans are small enough to be easily mailed anywhere in the world within a few days! Thus, in 2009 Staying Abreast was born to provide patients around the globe with access to Dr. Rossmann’s twenty-five years of breast cancer experience. With a focus on rapid turnaround, simple use and personalized care, Staying Abreast has been designed with you in mind.

The Benefit of Second Opinions

One of the problems with modern medical care is that, unfortunately, medicine has become intricately entangled with bureaucracy, insurance companies and the euphemistically named “referrals.” It is not uncommon for doctors to schedule patients for unnecessary procedures and tests precisely because they receive kickbacks and referrals from those same doctors at a later date! In medicine, and especially when it comes to breast cancer, honest answers are the most important benefit a physician can provide.

Staying Abreast and Dr. Rossmann are committed to unbiased care that puts patients first. Because we are not affiliated with any hospitals you can be sure that Dr. Rossmann’s opinions have only your best interests at heart.

For more information on the “referrals” phenomenon, this New York Times article provides an excellent outline of the problem: Referral System Turns Patients Into Commodities

About Dr. Rossmann

Michelle Rossmann is an experienced radiologist specializing in breast imagery. With 25 years of experience, Dr. Rossmann is one of the most qualified female radiologists in the world. In addition to her skills as a physician, Dr. Rossmann’s comforting bedside manner and experience with breast cancer counseling are second to none. When providing radiology opinions, Dr. Rossmann understands that answering questions and easing a patient’s fears are just as important as providing accurate, unbiased medical advice.

If you would like to view Dr. Rossmann’s extensive medical experience in more detail, feel free to browse her professional résumé below.

Dr. Rossmann’s Curriculum Vitae (Adobe PDF viewer can be downloaded here.)


Dr. Rossmann is a Lifetime Member of the Cambridge Who’s Who and has been recognized as their Professional of the Year representing Oncology for 2010-2011.

She is also a member of the Elite American Physicians.