Because your time is valuable, especially in circumstances such as these, we’ve designed our process to be as fast and simple as possible. Once you feel comfortable with these steps, please click here to begin your order.

  1. Click on the Ordering link at the top of this page.

    Shows the location of the Ordering navigation link.

  2. Fill out the presented form. Be sure to be complete! Enter your full legal name (no nicknames, please,) the address you would like the prepaid shipping envelope to be sent to (more on this in step 3.)

    Shows an example of how to fill out the patient information form.

    Next, enter your payment information and billing address. If your billing address is the same as your shipping address you may click the box that says “use shipping address for billing address.”

    Shows an example of how to fill out the patient information form.

    On the third and final part of the form, enter your e-mail address as well as the username and password you would like to use. Be sure to write these down! You’ll need them to access our live online chat (see step 5.)

    Shows an example of a username, password and e-mail address.

    Finally, carefully read the patient agreement and click the checkbox that says “I agree to these terms.” follow by the Proceed button.

    Shows the location of the terms acceptance checkbox and Proceed button.

    Congratulations! Your order has now been processed.

  3. In 1-2 business days you will receive a padded envelope with prepaid shipping label. Simply place your radiology documents in the envelope, affix the label and then drop it in the nearest post box.

    A photo of what the envelope and shipping label look like.

  4. We will receive your radiology documents in 1-2 business days and will immediately review them upon receipt. Within a week we will contact you via the e-mail address you provided in step 3 to ask you when you would prefer to schedule your live, online chat session.

  5. At the scheduled time, log into our live online chat by clicking on the Live Chat link at the top right of our home page.

    Shows the location of the Live Chat navigation link.

    When presented, enter the username and password that you created in step 3 to be instantly connected with Dr. Rossmann!

    Shows an example of the live chat login form.

    During this chat session Dr. Rossmann will answer all of your questions and provide her uniquely qualified second opinion on your radiology documents.

As you can see, our process offers a unique combination of direct, personal attention and fast turnaround. Using the Staying Abreast website you can gain access to Dr. Rossmann’s 25 years of radiology and breast cancer experience from anywhere in the world!

If you find that you have additional questions there are a number of additional sources of information about Staying Abreast. You can visit our About page to learn more about the history of this site and Dr. Rossmann herself, the Frequently Asked Questions page for more details on our process and general breast cancer questions, or Contact us for personalized answers.

When you feel ready, please click here to begin your order so that Dr. Rossmann can get started on your personalized second opinion right away!